"Connection" Mural Panel

"Connection" Mural Panel by Cedar Eve

We’re starting our tour with a look at three mural panels that were created as part of 2020’s Wall-to-Wall Mural and Cultural Festival. In previous years, this community-focused festival highlights equal parts mural, music and mentorship and culminates in a finale celebration, bringing together art, music, dance and more.

For 2020, things had to be done a little differently. These murals, instead of being painted in grand scale on buildings and other spaces, were submitted digitally by artists from around the world, printed on to panels then safely installed throughout Winnipeg. Wall-to-Wall Mural and Cultural Festival was founded by Graffiti Art Programming and Synonym Art Consultation.

Our first stop is behind Red Road Lodge. Take a look at the mural on the wall that says, “Everyone Deserves a Home”. Now, take a look at the “Connection” mural panel. This one is by artist, Cedar Eve.

Through her drawings and paintings, Cedar Eve explores her world-view and identity. She is inspired by the figure of the shapeshifter. Her pieces feature creatures bordering between human and animal painted in bright, bold colours. She has come to view these creatures as her spirit beings or guides. They are inspired by the stories that she heard growing up, her dreamworld and her need to remember her ancestors. Themes of communication and the symbiosis of energies are prevalent within her work. This mural represents the need for communication, self-reflection and the sharing of our personal stories. It represents a journey to self-healing by listening to one’s instincts.

Tour instruction: From Red Road Lodge, cross Main Street at the intersection and head northwest on Logan to King Street. You will find the “To Party in 2020” mural panel on the south-facing wall of Kum Koon Garden.

Photo Credit: Travis Ross, used with permission from Synonym Art Consultation

Connection Mural Panel

  • Connection Mural Panel